Our truck workshop: pit stop for achievers

Your forklifts, warehouse equipment and trucks are hard working team player in your business. All the more important care, maintenance and regeneration: The regular review of the forklift and the replacement of worn truck components are fundamental to ensure the reliability and usability of your trucks over many years. In order for the truck workshop services of Mengel Gabelstapler carry clear to the overall efficiency and reliability of your truck fleet.
So the downtime, such as scheduled maintenance, remains short, we bring your truck with our truck-special transporter from just before the start of the workshop works and transport it immediately after completion back to you. Of course you can also choose from our huge trucks rented deal to have during the pit stops your forklift through an adequate "substitute" in your warehouse team.
Our proprietary Forklift dealer is on the cutting edge of diagnostic and repair technology and has access to an extensive stock of spare parts. Rely on an experienced team of professionals trucks that quickly detects defects, problems reliably eliminated, keeping your truck permanently on technical and performance excessive top level!